Newswire: A Death Race 2000 sequel with Malcom McDowell is now filming in Peru

At 89 years old, B-movie producer Roger Corman is still churning out movies at a pace that would exhaust many younger, lesser hucksters. He produced two deliciously portmanteau-heavy creature features, CobraGator and Sharktopus Vs. Whalewolf, in 2015, and now The Hollywood Reporter brings word that he’s producing Death Race 2050, a sequel to his exploitation classic Death Race 2000. (“Classic” being a relative term, of course.)

Sadly, much of the talent behind Death Race 2000 is no longer with us: Director Paul Bartel died in 2000, and star David Carradine in 2009. And getting Sylvester Stallone back for another round of pedestrian-slaughtering mayhem might be difficult now that he’s been nominated for his third Oscar. (Stallone co-starred as champion racer/Italian stereotype Machine Gun Joe Viterbo in the 1975 original, one year before Rocky.)

But no matter: This time around, Corman’s got Malcolm McDowell, who, when he …

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