Newswire: A bunch of Community props and costumes are being auctioned off

That Community movie will probably never happen, but nobody can stop you from making your own Community movie if you buy the actual table from the study room, a whole bunch of Greendale butt flags, or the sexy Uncle Sam costume that Jim Rash’s Dean Pelton wore that one time. Lucky for you, those items (and many more) are actually being auctioned off right now, and some of them are going for weirdly reasonable prices.

For example, the aforementioned table (specifically the one from the latter seasons) is currently going for only $60, and it would probably be more expensive to go out and buy a table that wasn’t prominently featured in a very good TV show. If you don’t need a table, how about a tunic that’s indicative of your high MeowMeowBeenz level? Or, if you need to let someone know that their paycheck is …

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