Newswire: A British college is planning a Doctor Who course

Students at Aquinas College in Stockport, Greater Manchester, will soon be able to get credits for a well-supported historical deconstruction of Jon Pertwee’s kung-fu-and-velvet-smoking-jacket approach to executing the duties of a Time Lord. According to the BBC, the U.K. college will be offering an 11-week course on various aspects of the long-running science-fiction serial, including a retrospective of all of the Doctors, the role of companions, and production details.

Instructor Michael Herbert, who usually tackles trade unions and “history of working people in Manchester,” admits that a course on Gallifreyan/Dalek galactic politics is a little outside the college’s wheelhouse, but maintains the subject has sociological relevance.

“It’s about both the program and the society it was shown in,” Herbert said. “The role of women is quite interesting, the way that has evolved over the years. Now the Doctor’s companions are very feisty and articulate …

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