Newswire: 9 unconventional places to get your election coverage today

If you want straight-up news coverage of election results tonight, you probably already know what you’re watching—maybe Wolf Blitzer trying to corral holographic screens on CNN, or the even-keeled tones of Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff on PBS, or if you’re truly brave and/or insane, Fox News. But if you want to keep an eye on democracy without all the political punditry, we’ve rounded up a few options that will keep you occupied all day. All times are Eastern and subject to change.

The Onion and ClickHole
10 a.m.

Our officemates are providing all-day therapy on The Onion‘s live blog and ClickHole‘s running news ticker.

The Chris Gethard Election Day Special
noon – midnight, streaming live

Chris Gethard has promised a full 12 hours of “unusual characters and musical guests” for what is surely the longest one-man election special today. Manhattan News Network …

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