Newswire: 50 Cent dubs 4:44 “golf course music”

Actor, producer, and excessive masturbator 50 Cent dipped his toe back into the rap game this week, offering up an Instagram evaluation of 4:44, the latest offering from his old rival JAY-Z. Given that 50 and Jay have been trading quips back and forth with each other for years, 50 Cent starts out surprisingly positive, noting, “I liked the shit.” But he quickly turns toward critique, dubbing the new album “golf course music.”

Instagram Embed

“The shit was too smart,” 50 Cent said of the recent Tidal release. “I felt like I was supposed to be wearing glasses and shit, and tie a fucking sweater around my waist.” And while it’s not like people haven’t been accusing JAY-Z of selling out in some form or another for years now, 50’s next criticism presumably struck a little closer to home. “You can’t be the best rapper …

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