Newswire: 28 years later, Billy Dee Williams’ Harvey Dent transforms into Two-Face

One of the many cruelties of Joel Schumacher taking over the Batman movie series back in the ’90s is that we never got to see the payoff of Billy Dee Williams’ brief appearance as Harvey Dent in Burton’s 1989 Batman film. As surely everyone with a passing familiarity with Batman stuff knows, Dent is the guy who eventually becomes the iconic villain Two-Face, but since Schumacher’s movies had pretty much no connection to Burton’s, Williams didn’t get a chance to reprise the role when Two-Face was named one of the main villains of 1995’s Batman Forever.

Apparently, though, The Lego Batman Movie is finally going to correct this injustice by having Billy Dee Williams play the Lego version of Two-Face. Sharp-eyed Bat-fans may have predicted this last month, when images of the movie’s tie-in Lego sets included a very Billy Dee-esque version of Two-Face …

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