Newswire: 26 percent of Americans think video games are a big dumb waste of time

Confirming what, statistically, about a quarter of your parents have already been telling you, a new Pew Research Center poll shows that 26 percent of Americans consider video games to be a complete waste of time. (This, despite the fine work that millions of their countrymen do every day, assassinating creeds and calling their various duties.) The study (which you can read in full detail here) found that roughly a quarter of respondents said that “most games” were a waste of time, while a larger proportion (33 percent) said it was true for some games but not others, and another 24 percent said it wasn’t true for most games. In a not especially surprising development, those numbers break down pretty cleanly along age lines, with older respondents (50 years old and up) far more likely to denounce these newfangled bleeps and bloops as the infernal stick-and-hoop replacements that they …

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