Newswire: 13 Reasons Why author discusses the show’s depiction of suicide

[The following contains spoilers for the series 13 Reasons Why]

Essentially, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is about the aftermath of a high school girl’s suicide, with the main character listening to a series of cassette tapes recorded by the girl—Hannah, played by Katherine Langford—about why she chose to do it. So, in the show’s final episode, it makes a point not to shy away from actually depicting the girl’s death onscreen. It opens with a disclaimer about the episode containing graphic content, and partway through, it shows Hannah going into the bathroom and cutting her wrists.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Jay Asher (the writer behind the book the show is based on) explained that the intention was to not shy away from her suicide and to “show it as horrific as it actually is.” That way, “you can’t watch it and feel like …

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