My World Of Flops: D’oh! Paula case file #55: Robin Thicke’s Paula

Like his famous father, television personality Alan Thicke, Robin Thicke toiled as a songwriter before he became famous himself, dating back to the unfortunately titled Color Me Badd song “Sexual Capacity” in 1996. A slew of songwriting credits followed, including Christina Aguilera’s smash self-titled debut and albums from big names in R&B like Brandy, Brian McKnight, Jordan Knight, Marc Anthony, and Mya.

Then Thicke stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist. His underrated debut, 2003’s A Beautiful World—which boasted a naked picture of his girlfriend-turned-wife-turned-ex-wife, Paula Patton on its cover—underperformed. Then Thicke rose to modest stardom by joining forces with super-producer Pharrell Williams and Lil Wayne on 2006’s platinum-selling The Evolution Of Robin Thicke.

But Thicke did not explode into full-fledged, if short-lived, super-stardom until the release of 2013’s “Blurred Lines.” It wasn’t just popular: It was the top-selling single of 2013 …

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