Music Review: Vince Staples drops his second straight classic

You don’t want to write about Vince Staples. Few modern musicians have made playing with the press such an essential part of their appeal. There is, on the one hand, his endless trolling: sardonic tweets about American Apparel and 3 Ninjas; his sarcastic sponsorship of Sprite, which is almost long-form performance art at this point; his participation in what has to be one of the least illuminating Reddit AMAs ever conducted. When a journalist does get some face time with him, he refuses to play along, defying their attempts to narrativize his role in hip-hop or analyze his music. And even if he gives you a good quote, you still have to stay on guard. He told L.A. Weekly that his new album, Big Fish Theory, was “Afro-futurism”; a few days later, he told The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah he was just fucking around with all that …

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