Music Review: Tyler, The Creator can’t resist sabotaging himself on Cherry Bomb

Who is Tyler, The Creator? That was the burning question during the height of the media circus surrounding Odd Future four years ago. The music press wanted to know where this fatherless provocateur came from, what inspired his incendiary rhymes, and how he rationalized his most risible lyrics. And so Tyler answered them. On his 2011 album Goblin and its 2013 follow-up Wolf, he poured over his every thought, doubt, flaw, and contradiction in exhaustive detail, but in the process he drained himself of the very commodity that made him so interesting in the first place: his mystery. It’s one thing to have critics think-piece your work to death; it’s another to do it to yourself.

There’s a reason Tyler’s cohort Earl Sweatshirt continues to capture the public’s imagination: We don’t know him very well. Earl’s latest album, I Don’t Like Shit …

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