Music Review: The Go! Team loses the team but goes somewhere great

With the dissolution of the group, The Go! Team is no longer much of a team, but the sole remaining teammate has crafted the group’s best album since the release of Thunder, Lightning, Strike back in 2004. Ian Parton has always been the Svengali of the group, singlehandedly creating the first record, and composing the vast majority of the music ever since. But subsequent albums have showcased various members of the group he assembled in the wake of his first album’s success, particularly there-from-the-start MC Ninja, whose hortatory rhymes often pulled Parton’s pop-collage compositions into the 21st century. So the realization that Parton had gone back to his roots—writing, composing, and producing every aspect of the new album as a solo artist—could have seen The Go! Team retreat into the familiarity of its old self. Instead, his muse has taken him further into the sing-along …

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