Music Review: Shabazz Palaces remains completely, wonderfully nuts on Quazarz

A lot of times when you’re reviewing a record, especially a rap record, you get a copy the same day the rest of the world does; often that is also the day when you find out that said rap record even exists. Not so with Shabazz Palaces’ new two-album project, Quazarz Vs. The Jealous Machines / Born On A Gangster Star, which I received in its entirety way back in April, along with full liner notes and a Google document containing all of the lyrics. This is unusual, but also uniquely appropriate for Shabazz Palaces. The duo’s 2011 debut, Black Up, remains an album of opaque radiance, a mysterious song cycle that, as it gradually leaked out, was actually the long-gestating return of Digable Planets’ Ishamel Butler, albeit under a new guise and a few light years from the high-minded jazz rap he practiced in the late ’90s. Black …

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