Music Review: One Direction’s fifth album is an enjoyable (possible) farewell

One Direction’s fifth album, Made In The A.M., arrives at a strange time in the band’s existence. Not only did Zayn Malik leave the group in early 2015, but the other members also announced they’re taking a break from 1D duties in 2016 in favor of solo work. Made In The A.M. doesn’t feel like a lame duck record, however: With no looming touring responsibilities or excessive promotional pressure on deck, the band has been freed up to focus on well-executed songcraft.

In fact, Made In The A.M. proudly (and prominently) feels indebted to other eras and totems of U.K. pop. Both the soaring, crooning “Hey Angel” and the Willy Wonka-playful, orchestral standout “Olivia” recall Robbie Williams‘ cheeky music; the disco-kissed “What A Feeling” recalls both ’70s AM Gold and the late-’80s sophisti-pop movement; and the confetti-electro explosion “Infinity” shimmers like …

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