Music Review: On their fifth LP, Matt And Kim are vibrant but vapid

Matt And Kim have never shown much interest in expanding beyond the shamelessly simple, high-energy party-playlist anthems that they’ve faithfully churned out for nearly a decade now—their sole, unwavering goal has been to pump up the crowd, not prove anything to the critics. Through the years, however, each batch of two- and three-note beats and choruses have been progressively harder to get excited about; despite the infectious jock-jam opener “Let’s Go,” 2012’s Lightning should have sounded alarm bells with its lack of engaging hooks. With New Glow, the duo’s well of shallow melodies has finally dried up.

Stylistically, the record strikes a balance between the lacquer-slick, club-catering bent of 2010’s Sidewalks and the stripped-down indie-dance rhythms fans will be well familiar with. That blend is evident on the album’s best cut, “Get It,” a loose, uneven graft of trip-hop and electro-rock that finally …

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