Music Review: On Lust For Life, Lana Del Rey envisions a slightly brighter future

When Pitchfork recently sat down with Lana Del Rey for a wide-ranging interview, the topic of the pop star’s apparent newfound happiness came up right away. “I made personal commitments,” Del Rey responded when asked how she’d reached a better place, although she demurred on specifics. “I had some people in my life that made me a worse person. I was not sure if I could step out of that box of familiarity, which was having a lot of people around me who had a lot of problems and feeling like that was home base. Because it’s all I know.”

It’s understandable why Del Rey might have been hesitant to leave that turbulent bubble: Emotional turmoil can be addictive, and the thrill of interpersonal drama is especially habit-forming. (Just look at one of America’s favorite amateur sports: complaining about co-workers.) Over time, however, all that …

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