Music Review: Metric delivers retro electronica—and one of the best pop songs of the year

Long gone are the days of Metric, the sassy indie-rock quartet with downtown New York style and angular guitar riffs. After abandoning its edges for the glossier pop perfectionism of Fantasies, the group’s last effort lived up to its Synthetica title, transitioning the band into more synthpop sounds and dance-floor grooves. With Pagans In Vegas, the band has fully morphed into purveyors of slick electronic pop, music that would fit right in alongside British synth-driven acts like Depeche Mode or even The Cure. While the evolution has been steady and of a piece, early fans likely wouldn’t even recognize this artists behind this latest effort. Old world underground, where are you now, indeed.

But if you’re willing to embrace the group’s new sound, there are numerous pleasures to be found here. A steady progression of synthpop tracks, ranging from the frenetic to the nearly dirge-like, are …

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