Music Review: Marilyn Manson once again rises to relevance

Once Marilyn Manson’s shock-rock antics ceased being an effective attention-getting mechanism sometime in the ’00s, the boo-scary rocker had a difficult time finding his footing. Although his core fans and rock aficionados never abandoned him or his albums, the one-time Nine Inch Nails protege no longer functioned as a go-to cultural lightning rod for hate and outrage. As a result, both his rebellious countercultural poses and music started to feel stale and unimaginative, especially in the years post-2007’s flashy Eat Me, Drink Me.

With The Pale Emperor, Manson is finally reversing that downhill artistic slide. Credit for that goes to his collaborators, in particular Tyler Bates, the veteran film composer behind Guardians Of The Galaxy and Watchmen. Bates’ production touches and writing assistance help Manson add texture and focus to his gloomy glam-goth tendencies—from the atmospheric synthpop of “Warship My Wreck” and the slo-mo bluesy prowl “Killing …

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