Music Review: Low’s new album is a one-trick pony, but it’s a pretty good trick

With 2013’s The Invisible Way, Low took a step away from the jittery, tense electronics that had characterized its recent output, embracing a warmer, organic sound, full of pianos and acoustic guitars. It was a welcome departure, making up for what it lacked in consistency with a passionate intimacy. For the group’s follow-up, they’ve incorporated some of those organic elements and fed them into the churning electronic wheelhouse that dominated 2007’s Drums And Guns. The results are haunting, though occasionally plodding.

Low has never strayed too far from its formula, even as its sound has evolved. A simple start, built with a spare drum beat and sporadically brushed instruments, joined by a simple vocal melody that eventually twitches and distends into a drawn-out refrain, until finally building at the end, only to return to sparse silence. The band’s 2000s output was marked by a diverse …

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