Music Review: Lamb Of God’s latest is another step in the wrong direction

With the release of its self-titled album in 1991, Metallica immediately transitioned from menacing thrash into the listener-friendly world of stadium rock. Although Lamb Of God’s move toward accessibility has been more gradual, when comparing new release VII: Sturm Und Drang to the band’s earlier material, the decision to exchange brutality for mainstream appeal is clear.

Lamb Of God’s early releases offer classic examples of Southern groove metal, intermixing the thrashing squall of Slayer and Sepultura with deep-fried breakdowns that pay homage to Soilent Green. As The Palaces Burn (2003) and New American Gospel (2004) add odd time signatures to this formula, as if, in between decimating 30-packs of High Life, the Lamb Of God dudes were studying calculus.

The release of Sacrament in 2006 Lamb Of God started on a hollow downturn, with the same dry, overproduced guitar sound and mechanical drumming that drives bands like …

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