Music Review: Hot Hot Heat ends respectable post-punk run with respectable LP

In the mid-’00s, while most of its fellow post-punk revival acts were glooming out to Joy Division riffs and Gang Of Four beats, Hot Hot Heat was ready to party. That was the Canadian foursome’s chief defining characteristic. On its excellent first two albums, 2002’s wonderfully nervy Make Up The Breakdown and 2005’s new-wave power-pop hook parade Elevator, the group flung neon XTC and Fixx melodies like there was no tomorrow.

Sadly, there was a tomorrow, and the dance-punk renaissance eventually ran its course. Hot Hot Heat carried on, though, releasing two less spastic—and therefore less essential—follow-ups. Six years after the latter, 2010’s Future Breeds, the group returns with this, its farewell LP. Now seems a good time to say goodbye.

At its best, Hot Hot Heat is a reminder of what’s made these guys consistently good and periodically great. Frontman and …

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