Music Review: Compton: A Soundtrack revisits Dr. Dre’s origin story with a victorious sigh

Dr. Dre is one of the architects of West Coast rap and a pillar of hip-hop production. He is responsible for producing a large portion of California’s great gangsta rap catalog and for pioneering G-Funk, a bold re-envisioning of traditional funk sampling. After rising to prominence as the de facto leader of N.W.A., Dre went on the become an early titan of the rap industry, procuring an ownership stake in Death Row Records and releasing his debut, The Chronic, one of rap’s most celebrated LPs, in 1992. Its 1999 follow-up, 2001, is an equally heralded expansion of G-Funk and the last Dr. Dre album in 16 years. To a new generation he is now the face of Apple Music, Forbes‘ foremost cash king who made his fortune selling Beats (By Dre). But before he was plugging headphones he was plugging Detox, a now mythic third album …

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