Music Review: Coliseum shifts direction on a disjointed fifth album

After a decade together and a handful of lineup changes, it’s startling to hear how confused Coliseum is on Anxiety’s Kiss. At various points in the band’s career, it’s been classified under one of punk or metal’s various subgenres, due in part to bandleader Ryan Patterson taking scraps of each style and piecing them together for his own needs. On its fifth album—and first for Deathwish—Coliseum’s approach has never sounded more cobbled together. To a certain degree, it’s a welcome change. 2013’s Sister Faith was consistent, but the album’s constant stomp made it blend together after 13 no-nonsense tracks. On the flip side, Anxiety’s Kiss never settles into a groove, both for better and for worse.

It’s not surprising that Coliseum would begin to slip into post-punk territory, as many hardcore bands—most notably Ceremony—have been …

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