Music Review: Breakups are exhausting and inspiring on Dirty Projectors

David Longstreth didn’t need to spout off on Instagram to set his musical project, Dirty Projectors, apart from the last 15 years of indie rock that it is generally associated with. Longstreth’s music does that on its own. His best-known song, 2009’s “Stillness Is The Move,” makes more sense as a cover by Solange than it does as a neighbor to Fleet Foxes’ Seattle folk or Conor Oberst’s confessional songwriting. He’s spent the interim between his last full-length, 2012’s excellent Swing Lo Magellan, and his new album working with artists as disparate as Kanye West and Joanna Newsom (and let’s not forget his collaborative EP with Björk in 2010). In his hands, indie rock pushes creative barriers that aren’t defined by a particular sound or instrument; his music is less a commercially viable, scene-approved product than artistic experiments loosely associated with pop …

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