Music Review: A reissue of Telefon Tel Aviv’s landmark debut confirms its greatness

When Telefon Tel Aviv’s debut album, Fahrenheit Fair Enough, was first released back in 2001, there was little indication it would stand the test of time quite this well. Initially considered a lesser imitator of late-’90s glitch purveyors wedded to the jazz-influenced Chicago post-rock scene, Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper’s electronic project captured the sound of an electronic music movement in transition, as the ambient elements of their sound collages melded organic and software-generated noises to create soundscapes both languid and searching. But hearing it again, in the form of a new reissue out on Ghostly International, what’s striking is just how effective the painstakingly arranged record is, both as an album and document of a particular era. Sure, it’s possible to play connect-the-dots between various tracks and probable influences—some early Tortoise here, some Savath y Savalas there—but the organic swing of even …

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