Movie Review: With Fury Road, Mad Max roars triumphantly back into theaters

Diesel and dust, blood and fire: Mad Max: Fury Road runs on all of it, flooding its fuel tanks to stay in perpetual motion. Forgive the wordplay, but this is the kind of movie that turns even timid drivers into fanatical car nuts. For two breathless hours, the vehicular mayhem never lets up. Spiked dune buggies, like porcupines on wheels, burn rubber and scratch metal. All-terrain gas guzzlers flip through the air, their rusty steel frames crunching and combusting upon impact. On the hoods of these speeding war machines, ravaged travelers battle with fists, pistols, and even chainsaws. To single out a favorite image from this flurry of nonstop shock and awe would require committing all of it to memory. But here’s one contender: a masked musician, perched high on a mobile stage, serenading his fellow marauders with triumphant power chords. He supplies the appropriate soundtrack for this rock- …

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