Movie Review: Wish Upon will make you wish you saw something different this weekend

When Clare Shannon (Joey King) puts her hands on a cursed magic object and wishes that her class crush would fall madly in love with her, she doesn’t count on being held to the madly part. But that’s the thing with cursed magic objects: They’ll get you on the semantics. In Wish Upon, an almost endearingly dreadful new supernatural fright flick, the wishes—seven of them total, two more than your typical monkey’s paw—come courtesy of an ornate, octagonal music box, like something out of a curiosities shop run by Guillermo Del Toro. Being able to read the ancient Chinese writing scribbled around the edges wouldn’t spare Clare of cruelly ironic comeuppance; that her wishes might be misinterpreted by the literal-minded forces granting them is standard wish protocol, too obvious to even stick in the fine print. But at least she’d know that …

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