Movie Review: Wim Wenders’ Every Thing Will Be Fine could be prescribed as a sleep aid

Tomas Eldan, the Canadian novelist played by James Franco in Wim Wenders’ lame 3-D melodrama Every Thing Will Be Fine, always looks like he’s ready to zonk out for a nap. As a matter of fact, he’s introduced waking up from one, in an ice shack that doubles as his writing room, and he moves through every subsequent scene as though he were searching for a light switch on the way to the bathroom. Is it too perfect that when the movie finally perks up, which is in its last 20 or so minutes, it’s in a scene where Tomas drinks a cup of coffee? Or that its muffled climax has him discovering that an intruder has pissed all over his bed? Every Thing Will Be Fine, ostensibly about a writer who realizes his dreams on the back of someone else’s nightmare, resembles nothing more than …

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