Movie Review: Why remake Beauty And The Beast and do nothing new with its tale as old as time?

Shiny but not exactly new, Bill Condon’s live-action Beauty And The Beast is a curious nostalgia object, synthetically engineered to reproduce all the same sensations as a 26-year-old movie. Once content merely rereleasing or straight-to-video sequelizing its vast canon of animated classics, Disney has recently turned to remaking them with actors and sets and CGI wizardry. But most of these do-overs, from the lightly revisionist Maleficent to the soulfully reconfigured Pete’s Dragon, at least attempt to do something different with their source material. The Mouse House has taken no such chances with Beauty And The Beast. The plot, the characters, the cheerful Howard Ashman and Alan Menken tunes: all have been faithfully recycled, as though some enchantress had waved her wand over an old cartoon and suddenly brought it screaming into the flesh-and-blood world.

Released at the height of what’s come to be known as the Disney …

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