Movie Review: When Animals Dream puts a Scandinavian spin on the feminist werewolf movie

Comparing When Animals Dream to Let The Right One In is both lazy and pertinent—lazy because both films bear the surface similarities of being slow, Scandinavian, and atmospheric, and pertinent because both use their young female protagonists as living metaphors for primal fears. But where Let The Right One In‘s terrors were those of childhood, When Animals Dream deals with adolescent female sexuality, and the fear of such. This, also, is not unique. But by de-emphasizing the “moon cycle” bit and adding a family narrative, When Animals Dream congeals its influences into something intimate, intelligent, and occasionally quite haunting.

A practically expressionless Sonia Suhl makes her screen debut as Marie, a withdrawn teenage girl we see going to a doctor’s appointment in the opening scene. Even if you didn’t know the premise going in, it would be easy to figure out what’s wrong with Marie …

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