Movie Review: Vince Vaughn goes soft again in the faux-raunchy Unfinished Business

The domestication of Vince Vaughn continues unabated in Unfinished Business. Over the past 10 years, Vaughn appears to have taken the heartfelt settling-down resolution of Wedding Crashers as a career directive as he’s made his way through adult rites of passage like painful breakups (The Break-Up), relationship maintenance (Couples Retreat), the adult navigation of broken families (Four Christmases), accepting parenthood (Delivery Man), a midlife career change (The Internship), and now a smattering of leftover issues including working as your own boss, providing for your family, and dealing with teen bullying. Vaughn poses as a regular guy with a little more grace than Adam Sandler (maybe because Sandler has long since abandoned the middle class for mansions and extended vacations), but the mechanism is the same: A once-energetic comic talent (and underrated serious actor) slows down to a pace he must feel matches his audience these days.

Vaughn puts one …

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