Movie Review: Unfriended ingeniously commits to its laptop horror gimmick

Writing about horror movies that present themselves as raw documentary footage is an exercise in creatively repeating yourself. How many different ways can one say, “Enough already”? Yet for every 100 played-out variations on The Blair Witch Project, a single novel spin on the mock-doc formula presents itself. Unfriended, a fiendishly clever new fright flick, may be the most ingenious addition to the genre since the original Paranormal Activity. The film unfolds entirely within the frame lines of a teenage girl’s laptop screen, its characters squeezed into the tiny boxes of a group video chat, its protagonist toggling frantically between various browsers as her evening web time becomes an online nightmare. There’s some precedent for this premise—last year’s Open Windows attempted something similar, as did the Joe Swanberg short in V/H/S—but the filmmakers here completely commit to their gimmick, turning its limitations into …

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