Movie Review: Tsui Hark transforms a Maoist chestnut into The Taking Of Tiger Mountain 3D

Tsui Hark—the defining plastic stylist of the Hong Kong blockbuster—has a thing for playing fast and loose with cultural myth. While contemporaries like John Woo and Johnnie To are hung up on genre archetypes and Euro-American film references, Tsui, who produced Woo’s and To’s early creative breakthroughs, specializes in riffing on Chinese history and Hong Kong cinema—the classics, so to speak. He’s remade The One-Armed Swordsman and Dragon Gate Inn (as The Blade and The Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate, respectively) and put his spin on everything from the end of the Qing Dynasty to the knock-off jeans trade. With the Hong Kong film industry now slowly—and regrettably—merging with the mainland, it seems inevitable that Tsui would try his hand at one of the cornerstones of the Cultural Revolution. Hence, The Taking Of Tiger Mountain 3D.

Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy is …

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