Movie Review: Touched With Fire starts as a love story and turns into a lecture

It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to call Touched With Fire an opposites-attract romance; both members of its central couple are poets, both suffer from bipolar disorder, and they meet at a psychiatric hospital where neither of them have precisely intended to stay. But Marco (Luke Kirby) and Carla (Katie Holmes) approach their illnesses very differently. Marco tries leaning into his manic episodes, insisting that it makes him experience the world with deeper, more vivid feelings, decrying medication as the real problem. Carla is more self-conscious, showing up at her childhood home in the middle of the night to ask her mother (Christine Lahti) when it was, exactly, that her mental health problems first emerged. Like any number of romantic heroes, they get on each other’s nerves at first, during a group therapy session. But a few days later, they’re each other’s whole world.

Touched With Fire …

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