Movie Review: Times have changed, and so, alas, has Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

There was a time when “the year 2000” sounded incredibly futuristic. It didn’t take long for that to become the distant past. When Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon became a sensation, introducing wuxia films to a wide American audience, virtually all movies of any note still premiered in theaters (where they were projected on celluloid), and it wasn’t yet mandatory to tailor absolutely everything for the global market. Who could have predicted back then that a Crouching Tiger sequel, when it finally arrived, would be available almost exclusively on a streaming site run by Netflix (“Isn’t that the company that sends you DVDs in the mail?”) and that the film’s all-Asian cast would speak their lines in English? What a difference a decade and a half makes.

Some things never change, however, and one likely prediction—that any sequel would look more like an opportunistic cash grab …

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