Movie Review: Time To Choose is the rare hopeful environmentalist documentary

Anyone who spends enough time watching activist, agitprop “issue documentaries” should be familiar with that “Welp!” feeling. After spending an hour or so hearing about how corporations have stacked the deck against the working class, and how we’re running out of potable water, and how everything from obesity to oil spills to debt to antibiotic-resistant superbugs will inevitably kill us all, the best viewers can do is throw their hands in the air, say “Welp!,” and then go out and spend money they don’t have to get dangerously hammered and gorge on poisonous junk food—because there’s apparently no reason to try to fix anything.

Charles Ferguson’s documentaries don’t incline toward despair. In his No End In Sight (about the logistical fiasco of the Iraq War) and his Oscar-winning Inside Job (detailing exactly what led to the financial crisis of 2008), Ferguson tells stories from …

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