Movie Review: There’s nothing immersive (or fun) about this world of Warcraft

Definitively establishing that “state-of-the-art” and “chintzy” are not mutually exclusive qualities, Warcraft is a perplexing multiplex boondoggle: Rarely is so much time, money, and cutting-edge technology expended on a spectacle so devoid of wonder. Instead of immersing viewers in its magical realm, as most great fantasies do, this adaptation of Blizzard’s wildly popular game series keeps them at an alienating remove. Great effort has been taken to assure that we can see every vertebrate of a dead animal worn like body armor, but none seems to have been applied to making the characters come alive, the environments seem defined, or the special effects look convincing. The film borrows names, concepts, and even specific locations from its source material, all while managing to shrink a limitless multiplayer sandbox—the online kingdom subscribers have been exploring for a dozen years now—into a kind of generic, unplayable story mode. It’s …

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