Movie Review: There’s life after death in the twisty, soapy science-fiction indie The Discovery

The Discovery, Charlie McDowell’s Sundance-approved Twilight Zone weepie, fits neatly into a subgenre one might call The Brit Marling Movie. No, it doesn’t actually feature the statuesque star of Another Earth, Sound Of My Voice, and I Origins. But like those indie sci-fi brainteasers, which hit some strange middle ground between mumblecore and Ray Bradbury, it wraps a fantastical conceit around a human-scaled drama, attempting to simultaneously blow minds and connect with hearts. The Discovery comes a little closer than any real Marling vehicle to pulling off that genre tightrope act. At the very least, its central mystery keeps you guessing, right up until a final turn that’s nearly as clever as it is convoluted.

What if there was irrefutable evidence of an afterlife? What if science could prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our consciousness goes somewhere after our body dies? That’s the …

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