Movie Review: There’s a little too much Scorsese in the bad-cop documentary The Seven Five

Lately, it seems not a day goes by without some report of police corruption or brutality. The image of a cop who, per the motto, protects and serves the public is an increasingly distant ideal. Perhaps it was always this way—granted a position of relative power, it’s difficult to be good and honest, much easier to abuse and exploit. Part of the problem may be the cinematic allure of outlaw cops: On-screen, bad guys are so much more attractive, at least in the moment, and there’s a vicarious thrill to watching a purportedly lawful man contravene his sworn duty. That’s a large part of what makes Tiller Russell’s documentary about the exploits of an infamous NYPD policeman such an engrossing, if never entirely fulfilling, viewing experience.

His name is Michael Dowd, a former patrol officer in the 75th (or “seven five”) precinct that primarily services …

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