Movie Review: The well-acted Animals is an addiction movie like plenty of others

Technically speaking, Animals has more than two characters, but it follows heroin-addicted couple Jude (David Dastmalchian) and Bobbie (Kim Shaw) so closely that the people around them can fit in the frame only briefly. Cops, drug dealers, doctors, and victims of their petty crimes rarely last more than a single scene, while their friends and family (if applicable) remain entirely offscreen. Even the timeline recedes into a haze, both specifically and broadly. Early in the movie, director Collin Schiffli cuts from Jude and Bobbie nuzzling in what looks like a hotel or a high-rise apartment to the couple waking up in their car, their home for most of the movie. The cut makes the earlier shot of them in bed feel like a fantasy—which it sort of is, whether it really happened or not. As their story continues, Animals seems vaguely like a recent period piece, because Jude and …

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