Movie Review: The Wedding Ringer is a 100-minute gay joke masquerading as a buddy comedy

“Does anyone else feel really fucking gay right now?” someone bellows early into The Wedding Ringer, and the floodgates of rampant homophobia swing wide open. Not since Wild Hogs, perhaps, has a comedy so repeatedly insisted that there’s nothing funnier than the thought of two men touching each other. Over the next 100 minutes or so, there will be jokes about prison rape, about guys giving blowjobs for drug money, and about straight dudes dancing with other straight dudes, sometimes cheek to cheek. There will also be a loudly effeminate wedding planner who turns out to be “flaming up” to earn more business, and a montage of photos from various nuptials that will end, for extra amusing punctuation, with an image of kissing grooms. The Wedding Ringer has so many gay jokes that some of them apparently didn’t even make the final cut; one gag from the TV …

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