Movie Review: The Shack dares to ask, “What if God were a character actor?”

Sam Worthington should’ve been a criminal. The man could rob a bank in broad daylight on payday and the police still wouldn’t be able to draw a composite sketch. That’s not a knock against his acting—he’s better than he’s given credit for being, and so is Jai Courtney. But as for his face, his features, his bearing—they just don’t seem to stick. All one can say is that he definitely looks like an actor from film or TV, somewhat beefier than a regular man. Obviously Australian, too, because he’s no good at accents. In The Shack, he plays a native of the rural Midwest, but speaks in a throaty, Eastwood-ian accent that goes for a walk any time he has to whisper or feel something. The Shack is dumbfounding, by the way—an adaptation of an “inspirational” novel (with three authors …

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