Movie Review: The Sense Of An Ending withholds endlessly, squandering a terrific Jim Broadbent

Despite a title that suggests impending resolution, The Sense Of An Ending starts testing the viewer’s patience—very much by design—almost immediately. Early in the film, a semi-retired camera-store owner named Tony Webster (Jim Broadbent) receives a registered letter as he’s leaving his house. Tony sticks the letter in his pocket without opening it, leaving us to wonder what it contains. A bit later, in his shop, he remembers the letter, pulls it out, starts to open it…but a customer knocks on the door, and Tony sets the letter aside. Even when he does finally read the thing, later still, we get only a split-second look at the contents, with no voiceover or explanation. What’s in the damn letter already?!? The question finally gets answered shortly thereafter, but that revelation only serves to introduce further mysteries. Indeed, the entire movie consists of this same delayed-gratification …

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