Movie Review: The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe stands in the doorway after keeping her shrink waiting for an hour and a half. She seductively—although most things Marilyn does can be described that way—introduces herself as “the late Marilyn Monroe.” It’s a statement so painfully plodding and obvious that it belies the title: Lifetime’s biopic of the legendary celebrity, based on the best-selling book by J. Randy Taraborrelli, will not necessarily reveal anything new about the oft-portrayed icon. But it does give star Kelli Garner a vehicle worthy of her often-underused talents.

This session with her psychiatrist (Jack Noseworthy) is used as a framing device to tell Monroe’s life story, from her childhood fostered by Ida Bolender through her first marriage to James Dougherty to her mega-stardom and marriages to Joe DiMaggio (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Arthur Miller (Stephen Bogaert). These vignettes are all a part of the Monroe saga, but …

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