Movie Review: The Runner isn’t half as sleazy as a Nic Cage political drama should be

Nicolas Cage has spent much of his post-stardom exile in Louisiana, where it sometimes seems as if he’ll appear in any movie willing to redeem the state’s tax credits and set up camp within a 10-minute drive of whatever haunted mansions Cage may or may not still own in New Orleans. Yet the implied promise of Cage giving rococo nutbar performances down in or around the ol’ bayou has, apart from Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans, gone unfulfilled, with New Orleans often serving as an uninspired backdrop for generic and barely released thrillers like Seeking Justice. The Runner, then, deserves some credit for actually sinking into its surroundings, making New Orleans a central story element. Cage even adopts a Louisiana drawl to play Congressman Colin Price, a small-time politician making a name for himself by demanding accountability from BP following its real-life oil spill in 2010 …

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