Movie Review: The Ridiculous 6 isn’t as awful as it looks, but it’s still a Sandler movie

Adam Sandler’s western comedy The Ridiculous 6 was in development at several major studios before becoming the first film in the comedian’s deal to make straight-to-Netflix features. Though most recent Sandler comedies might have benefited from a platform less intent on disguising glorified vacation videos as big-screen experiences, it almost qualifies as a shame that Ridiculous can only be seen on a smaller scale. While director Frank Coraci is a long-term practitioner of the Happy Madison house style (most productively with The Wedding Singer; less so with the likes of Blended), Ridiculous 6 is one of the most cinematic-looking Sandler comedies ever. Perhaps aided by fellow Happy Madison veteran Dean Semler (the cinematographer who shot The Road Warrior, City Slickers, and Dances With Wolves, in addition to Click), there are a number of scenes and even shots in Ridiculous 6 that are better-lit than large swaths of the …

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