Movie Review: The restrained but charming Their Finest honors a different kind of war hero

If writing is one of the more uncinematic activities movies are often tasked with bringing to life, depicting screenwriting may be even more challenging, especially if the filmmakers aren’t dealing in satire and/or chronicling writer’s block. (Call that the Adaptation/Barton Fink exception.) Films about novelists or poets can at least pretend that their makers aren’t thinking of themselves the whole time; films about screenwriters have no such deniability.

In this minefield of potential tedium and self-indulgence, Their Finest plants the additional mines of bureaucracy and self-importance: Its characters work for the film division of England’s Ministry Of Information during World War II. They are expected to deliver a feature with “authenticity informed by optimism” about the ongoing war, even as bombs fall on London from overhead. In other, actual words spoken aloud by one of the characters, “We need a story to inspire a …

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