Movie Review: The Reconstruction Of William Zero is kind of a poor man’s Upstream Color

William Blakely thinks he’s a clone. Or at least he will soon enough. Initially, William (co-writer Conal Byrne) wakes up in a room with a man (also Byrne) who looks just like him. William has no idea why he’s there. His mind is a blank slate. He has to be taught the proper way to eat cereal and how to respond to a knock-knock joke. Perhaps the look-alike who’s instructing him is his twin brother? The scratchy home movies he’s being shown certainly suggest that. But who is that mysterious woman (Amy Seimetz) who’s always smiling into the lens?

Her name is Jules, and she’s William’s (the real William’s) wife. An early scene in Dan Bush’s unexceptional low-budget sci-fi feature reveals that William was once happily married with a son, but that all changed the day he carelessly backed out of …

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