Movie Review: The real monsters in Anne Hathaway’s Colossal aren’t the ones destroying Seoul

Monster movies aren’t generally known for their subtlety, but leave it to Nacho Vigalondo to make one that keeps surprising its audience until the very end. The Timecrimes and Extraterrestrial director specializes in turning genre conventions inside out, and here he re-imagines the kaiju film as not only a dramedy about alcoholic losers looking to blame anyone but themselves for the mess they’ve made of their lives but also a deconstruction of romantic-comedy tropes, toxic masculinity, and the concept of the “nice guy.” Oh, and a giant robot and a giant monster get into a shoving match while the terrified citizens of Seoul watch helplessly.

Even stranger and more wonderful, the movie stars Anne Hathaway in an uncharacteristically messy role as Gloria, a once-successful writer whose partying has cost her a job, her boyfriend (Dan Stevens), and as a result, her apartment. With nowhere else to go, she …

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