Movie Review: The new Point Break is X-tremely dull

Boldly reimagining Kathryn Bigelow’s cult favorite as a movie where absolutely nobody seems to be having any fun, the new Point Break drops the original’s Zen-like balance of macho mysticism and camp in favor of dour humorlessness. The surfing bank robbers are now globetrotting “extreme poly-athletes,” and the SoCal sun and New Age twinkle have been swapped out for corpse tones and lots of scowling. Director-cinematographer Ericson Core (Invincible) shows some flair in the technically accomplished action set pieces, but otherwise, the movie is inane. Downplaying the original’s homoerotic undertones while giving every character the kind of loss-of-a-loved-one backstory that passes for motivation in the Black List era, this stiff, plodding remake challenges viewers to give a damn. What little sheen it has is just the borrowed luster of the original.

Luke Bracey stars as rookie FBI agent Johnny Utah, now a former motocross star with a …

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